Will online counselling work for me?

Online Counselling is the digital age method of counselling. This offers a convenient, discreet and affordable method of accessing therapy.

Many people wonder if online Counselling will help them but are unsure what it will entail, how to access it, who to choose from the long lists available, and how they will find the time to go and get help.

Early help with potential or actual mental health issues and challenging life circumstances can save a great deal of pain, as well as expense, later on. It is better to get help early on rather than leave it too late!

Online Counselling helps overcome a lot of the barriers to getting early or accessible help. It is easy to access from home or work, can be at a time that suits you and there is no travel time or travel costs to take into consideration. Online Counselling costs less to deliver and therefore you benefit financially. Only you need to know that you are receiving counselling.

Fresh Start Counselling is an Organisational Member of the BACP.

The advantages of online Counselling include

  • It’s quick to set up and access – no waiting list
  • No delays, in getting help – the Counsellor can be anywhere in the country, it doesn’t rely on local appointments
  • No travelling to a location away from your home
  • We are available from 08:00am to 08:00pm 7days a week
  • No strangers visiting your home
  • An easy way for you to engage with a Counsellor in the same way you might chat with friends or family – using your phone, tablet or PC
  • No time spent waiting around for appointments
  • No stigma – you don’t have to leave the house or be seen going to a counselling venue
  • Private and Confidential, using finance grade encryption and security, all conversations are safe from eavesdropping
  • Cost effective – regular therapy sessions can cost anything up to £120, but using our online system it’s only £55 per session including VAT.

How does it work?

Our service, designed by experienced, registered professionals, starts with a free online consultation to discover what is best for you.

How much does it cost?

Sessions are £55 each, and last approximately 50 minutes.

How do I get started?

Simply fill in the simple form below and we will set up a FREE online consultation with you. This will not be with a counsellor but with one of our friendly and helpful team members who can answer your questions. It’s all done online, so no one comes to your home. 

We talk you through your current circumstances and gather some information to enable us to identify whether online counselling is suitable and to help us match the best counsellor for you. There is no charge for this.
If we both agree that Counselling will benefit you, we will arrange an initial block of 6 sessions. 

This may be enough, however there is no limit to the number of sessions you can have, we can continue as long as is needed.

It’s as straight forward as that.

Book your FREE consultation

Book your FREE consultation

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